No Bullying!

Kearsley has a strong anti-bullying policy. In the recent events, that have taken place in Genesee County, we are even more mindful of the issue. The staff and administration has had on-going training to be proactive.


The middle school years bring on new stress and anxieties for students. Their need to belong and be accepted with their peers is significant to them. We want all of our students to have a healthy attitude and desire to be at school. Please help schools stop bullying by talking to your student daily. Encourage them to be tolerant and accepting of others different from them. Help your child to feel good about them by complimenting their strengths. And always if you have a concern about your student and school, please contact us!


                                       Normal Conflict                           vs.                                     Bullying

O Equal power or friends

O Not friends

O Happens occasionally

O Repeated over time

O Accidental

O On Purpose

O Not serious

O Serious with threat to harm

O Not wanting power or control

O Wanting power

O Not trying to get something

O Trying to get things

O Feels sorry

O Does NOT feel sorry

O Tries to solve the problem

O Does NOT want to solve anything


Empowering students to stand up for themselves!


Here is a list of nine strategies students can try to use if they feel safe:

  1. Calling It - Call out their mean behavior, do not call them a mean name back, simply say “That was mean what you just said to me.”
  2. Spotlight Question - Immediately put them on the spot and ask them WHY they are doing what they are doing. “Why are you being mean to me?” “Why did you say that to me?”
  3. Humor - Say a funny joke to turn the meanness around and catch the bully off guard.
  4. Avoid - Stay away from those who are not being kind.
  5. Ignore - Say one small thing and then ignore “Whatever” and “If that’s how you feel…”
  6. Walk Away/Turn Away - Move your body away from the person who is being mean.
  7. Put Down, Put Up - They say something mean, you come back with something nice by giving them a compliment back. “I really like your shirt.” “You are really good at…”
  8. Own It - Own what they are saying to diffuse the situation. “Yah, I really didn’t like this shirt either…”
  9. Get Adult Help

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